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Working from home................

This is going to be more of a question from my side, as I have had very little experience with working from home. Which isn’t a bad thing, I mean it sounds amazing but we do want to know more about how it works for you.

For the limited times I had to do it, mainly because of things such as moving house, my dog being sick etc, I found it very useful and easier than the commute, but I also found it very difficult to concentrate. I mean working in the place where you go to relax so to speak, seems like an abnormal thing to do – especially when you have been used to being in an office (or in my case a showroom).

It got me thinking really, how this all affects your line of communication when you are in need of help, that direct access to a human being has been taken away from you, the direct access to go and speak to someone about something that’s worrying you, or affecting your work has been taken away. You may not have that quiet space at home to be able to do what needs to be done.

Not having the space to think and focus on what needs to be done when you’re at work, can compromise your performance so much, and with everything going on at the moment, you don’t really have a choice where to go and work – so what happens now? How do we protect those who are struggling but cannot go anywhere, how can companies provide that additional support from a distance? How do you ask for that support?

To most, our home life is personal, not many know about what is happening behind closed doors, do these secrets that we all have affect the way we work and our performance? I know it would affect mine, my dog is enough to distract me! Let alone a family. Like I said, its more of a question asking piece this time, so many questions about what happens, and how it affects you, how it affects your family and your work.

Even this confuses me, because just writing this made me ask questions on how we could help in this instance, but we need to talk to those experiencing it at the moment, we want to know what is being done and isn’t being done. From what I can see the focus has gone from the mental health of employees, to the physical health of employees – which isn’t bad, because we are in the middle of a pandemic so having a company that looks after your health is important, however it raises a few eyebrows about what is being done for those who are at home and who could be struggling. Mental health has even managed to creep its way onto the news headlines, suicide rates are at such a high because of this pandemic. Male suicide at a two-decade high. We are all in the same boat for the level of stress and worry that is ongoing and seemingly never ending.

The other eyebrow then went up and queried what was being done for those that have been furloughed or even made redundant. Understandably as a company – those who are made redundant aren't a company’s responsibility….but what if as a company you can still help, prepare those for what is available to aid if something like this ever happens again. Show what’s out there to help, train people on what is available. Don’t just leave them to fend for themselves.

I will end up repeating myself at this rate, so I shall leave you with some food for thought and once again invite you to speak to us about these matters, send in some examples of how working from home has made you feel or worked for you. If you’ve been made redundant – what was out there to help?

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