• Apryl Fell

Vaccine or no Vaccine

Okay so we’ve all seen there’s this miracle vaccine that’s being launched globally.

What do we think?

What do we feel?

What.... just what?!

It’s a miracle vaccine that has now been developed after a year of what I call hell and turmoil but also reflection and a new normal.

Do we agree or do we disagree?

Now, without me sounding like too much of a millenial i am all for this! Bring. It. On.

I want to go and fly to Spain to see my family, I want our beloved pubs to go back to normal, I want the freedom that just seemed so long ago, I want and I need to be able to be with my family and friends without risk.... is this too much to want and need? Am I overlooking important factors or this vaccine?

What about the side effects?

What about cost?

How will this affect us moving forwards?

Well from what minimal information is out there we currently have two people developing their own miracle vaccine, we have waiting nearly a year for this?!

And there is still minimal information surrounding what will soon be in our bodies, as part of a government wide release.... is this freedom worth it?

So what are the side effects, well pain in the injection site (as per most vaccine issues), some have argued that trials showed participants with a fever for a few days, but other than that, that’s all that’s been registered has side effects.... I mean, is this enough for you?

Have they tested this enough? We don’t really know what Covid looks like in symptoms, the list has grown that long! But still, I’m having anxiety issues about what happens if I say no, what happens to this who say no?

Are there any implications if you refuse, are you even allowed to chose your fate?

It’s all too much, if I’m honest, I mean if you really read into it, they can’t even guarantee immunisation from Covid-19 for more than a year, because it’s all just so new, so again, has there been enough testing? Just because it’s safe to administer, doesn’t mean it will protect us and our loved ones Indefinitely.

How do you feel about this, any thoughts going on that you feel should be shared, well we want to hear it.

We want to know what people think about this, what companies think? Will it help return normality, or are we dreaming of such normality within the world to overlook the finer details of this vaccine and its administration.

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