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My Mind in Lockdown

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Have you thought about how lockdown has affected you?..... if yes then good.... if no.. that’s fine too. The thing is, thinking or a lack of thought about how the last few months has affected you can cause their own variety of stress and anxiety and cause a big impact moving forwards.

Both thought processes can put your mind into an everlasting mode of stress that you cannot simply walk away from.

Let’s look at what happens when you don’t think about it... and this is by far speaking from experience and I was a walking epitome of stress, but we shall get into that shortly. Not thinking about how this has affected you can subsequently affect you.... Sod’s law I know, however now thinking about the implications of lockdown can just cause stress to arise in other areas of your life such a relationships or finances. Without that stress there is no sense of urgency there to deal with what’s happening. Unless you are the 26% of the population that hasn’t experienced stress this year (which I applaud you if you do), but if you’re reading this then you are more than likely to be that 74% of the population that is or has felt stressed at some point this year. So without trying to ignore that 26% (because you are important), arcope prices itself on helping those feeling unable to cope for whatever reason within the workplace.

So let’s look at the part where you thought about lockdown and how it affected you. Now unfortunately unbeknown to me, I put myself in a mass amount of stress and unfortunately it was all out of my area of control.

I changed my job a WEEK before lockdown was set in place.... absolute nightmare if you ask me! Now I’ve worked in sales for my entire career and it’s already a lucrative industry without throwing in a side of lockdown... so as you can imagine.... my stress level looks like I’ve cooked up some hair loss, added some binge eating and a dash of mental breakdown.

I had no idea if I still even had a job or whether I would qualify for furlough... anything, so all of a sudden the stress of paying for my house and taking care of my dog and paying for my car came flooding in and I was a mess for weeks.

I’m going to add this in just for reference..... it’s okay to not be okay. It is so important to understand that, read that over again...... done it? Good... now google “how many UK residents are stressed” ..... shocked? As was I.

I am not the only one in this position, and it’s okay to speak about it and make it known if you’re struggling mentally with everything, as this has an enormous effect on your daily life.

It affected mine, my personal life took a massive hit from it however I spoke up about my issues and worries. Don’t get me wrong I loved the first two weeks, kept myself busy with the house, and having quality time with my partner but that soon wore off when I ran out of things to do and started hearing the word redundancy, god forbid that word. All of a sudden things like what if I’m made redundant, I’m so new, I’ve not got real value in the company, i could be getting the dreaded call! My worries about my mortgage and my car and my family started to rise on a daily basis and I found myself spiralling. It wasn’t more so I was stuck at home, it was more the case of there was no security for my future (not that sales isn’t already lucrative, but redundancy was thrown into the pan as well).

I speak of this like it’s a bad thing.... when it really isn’t.... it’s a your brains way of coping with everything that’s going on where you have no control. This topic is something that isn’t read or spoken about widely, as most would deem this a private matter..... but if 74% of us are suffering, is it really that private? Do we need to keep it under wraps?

Now at this point you are probably wondering what is the point in this..... well my point is this.... lockdown has affected us as people, affected us as workers and affected us as companies and communities and whether we like it or not it is here to stay, so why not voice it. arcope want to hear about your troubles. We want to help, we want to understand the day to day struggles.

So why not do something about it now?

Why not talk about it?

Why not put things in place to make it a safer space to speak about your issues, and understand how to deal with everything?

The UK and the world might I add are putting things in place to protect the vulnerable and protect our communities, so why don’t companies and communities do the same for their people?

We encourage those to come forward and discuss all things stress management related, we want people to talk about this topic highly, we want to help. Get in touch at

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