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Gyms in lockdown......yes, tell me more!

Well they’re at home now. Gutted .... right? Well I certainly am.

I’ve been a gym bunny or exercise bunny for as long as I can remember, I’ve loved keeping active and as I’ve got older, it’s transitioned from swim club and gymnastics to gyming and hiking.

Now I can’t do either of those (yet again for another 2 weeks, and from today a month in England), which quite frankly..... sucks. Yep it’s okay to say that out loud. It is okay to shout about it. Some may even want to campaign about it (secretly I am one of those)! I don’t want my happy place to be closed. I don’t want that freedom of exploration taken away, however it’s not just me who’s thinking this.

The gyms are closed to help protect ourselves, our loved ones, our colleagues, and the public. The places available to walk in this beautiful country have been closed, so no adventures, which sucks yes but I mean walk down the road (which you can do, just may not be as pretty).

Bottom line is, you can still go and walk and you can still exercise. We are now entering another lockdown in England and Wales are already in one, so why not learn from the first lockdown.

Go for a walk down the road, do some workouts at home. I am so lucky that I have local gym owners who are going live on social media to allow people to follow some guidance on exercise classes, there will be plenty out there as well that do this without charge!

This is what I’ve done (well I have to otherwise my dog will have a serious case of an attitude problem and zoomies), but I’ve adapted to what is available to me.

The first lockdown I spent relaxing for the first part with a lot of alcohol, but now I’ve done the opposite and kept busy. Followed local gyms on social media and followed their classes. It’s all important for my own mental health to stay on track and stay healthy and stay productive throughout this time.

Now I’m not saying that you can just stay silent and pretend you aren’t angry that the gyms are closing but there is a reason why they have closed and a reason why local gym owners are either renting out their kit or creating online classes to follow. They are adapting, so why can’t we?

We look after our own mental health within this pandemic and those around us are doing everything they can to aid this, including gyms.

Let Arcope know how you’re feeling with this new lockdown, we want to know about your experiences with the most recent events and your thoughts on how the gyms closing yet again has impacted you, what are you doing in it's place? What are your local gyms doing to help?

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