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  • Greg Parry

Arcope's first chapter

"What three words would you use to describe yourself?"

"Hmmm, I think I'm Confident, Resilient and Driven"

Words every interviewer wants to hear when hiring new staff. Every company is taking a risk when hiring new staff, in particular graduates who often haven't worked in a professional environment before.

Graduates are told that these qualities are what every employer looks for and so they need to learn these buzzwords for their job interviews.

Job offer is given, accepted and the new employee starts. First few weeks and they start with all the gusto and enthusiasm, eager to make a good impression. However a few weeks in and the pressure of a sales role has got to them and they look a shadow of the confident figure in the interview room only a few weeks before... There is the argument that these new employees need a decent amount of time to settle in, get accustomed to their environment and their new job role. This sometimes isn't possible with the pressure of a small/medium business to perform every month with no passengers allowed.

Even experienced staff can suffer with lack of confidence and from poor performance especially sales people. They can be the most susceptible to setbacks with it being a natural part of the job with "No" being the most heard word. Pressure around call numbers, targets and KPIs can be huge and the need for optimal performance is massive. Often we see the same character in an organisation with a performance profile of large peaks and troughs (usually being a very emotional character, you know the one!). They are very good at what they do and all you're after is consistency. Leaders think the solution is to send them on sales specific training while all they may need is someone trained in performance psychology mechanisms (properly trained!!!) to help them.

This is where we at Arcope come in.....

We as Performance Psychologists work in high performance sport environments and the business world is exactly the same. The mental skills required to perform are also exactly the same and along with the client we can teach these skills.

Join us on this journey and together we can create environments to thrive and encourage people to develop the mental skills required to be successful.

Perform with Confidence

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