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Another Day, Another Lockdown

Well here in Wales, another lockdown has been set upon us! And restrictions are never ending in other parts of the UK.

Unfortunately my business has closed temporarily for the next two weeks and the anxiety of being confined to my home yet again is just riddling my brain.

I can imagine that everyone reading this will be in the same position. However, having practised this a few months ago, we’ve got a good idea this time around how to keep busy.

Now it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for everyone, we can’t all repaint rooms and do some gardening (I wish I had the motivation to do that like I do when I work, but there we go), some of us are now facing yet another shot to our work life and another blow to our wages. This is enough to cause me stress, I don’t know what will happen for my industry, will we be able to stay open, will we even be able to open in two weeks time? Am I still going to have a job by Christmas?

All of these questions are keeping me up at night, and we are all in the same place or have some form of worry regarding what’s happening next.

That word redundancy is yet again cropping up and there is no comfort from many people to say it’s all going to be okay.

As far as I’m concerned this year has been written off, but we have to keep pushing.

How do you cope with not knowing what will happen, how do you cope with the anxiety it all causes, how do you cope if you’re alone?

I hope you’re still with me at this point.....

We have been wanting answers on what happens next but all we get are theories, all we get are ‘well if you follow the rules then we can all get back to normal’, which I quite frankly think is a bit of a porky pie. There is no going back.

Most business (including mine) have developed a new way to do business, working from home is becoming ever more popular within businesses, does this help, well yes it does. It means we are slowly adapting to a new normal, but this doesn’t mean that we can relax.

From my side I keep thinking about how this affects my role within the business with this new way of working.

There is even more pressure within the sales industry to perform within a pandemic, in order to save where we work or in order to relieve some financial pressure that was laid upon so many a few months back.

I don’t know enough about different areas of work to be able to tell you how to calm down, or how to relax, all I can say is these two weeks for me will be spent taking time out and trying not to worry.

It’s okay to be worried, it’s okay to be stressed but remember to speak about it.

We can’t help if we don’t know how, get in touch with us at

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