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A Jab to Fly

So, as I was thinking about what to throw my opinion, experiences and thoughts at this week, I came across a very strange posting on my social media…. Here goes: ‘We will require proof that foreign flyers have had the COVID-19 vaccination to board this flight’ I mean…..come on, are you serious? First they take away our freedom to protect people, which has had its ups and downs, and its protests. However, to be told that I may not be able to board a flight if I haven’t had a vaccine? To not be allowed my freedom that have a right to, to have my own choice taken away from me if I chose not to have the vaccine. Seems a bit absurd. I thought it was a joke, however it even goes into detail about airlines changing their terms and conditions to state that you cannot fly with them without proof that you haven’t had the vaccine. Surely this is against our basic human rights? It’s got to at least be against our right to choose? This is essentially the government and airlines and (I’m being dramatic here) the world, essentially telling us that yes we have a choice, and yes we can say no, but if we do say no, then our dreams of travelling may as well go in the bin…. What else are they going to take away from us? The right to move without a facemask. How will they monitor everyone getting the vaccine, how will they monitor this on flights? They have however added a little sweetener by saying that things will resume back to normal, in terms of flights, if they chose to go ahead with this plan. We haven’t even been given full information about how the vaccine works yet, what effectiveness they have, which one we are getting, what the cost is. Not to mention looked at how long this miracle is meant to last, and they’re rolling out plans to ban every anti-vax from flying to their dream destinations, or worse off going home, or visiting family? If I say no, does that mean I can’t visit my family who reside in another country? Would it be frowned upon to say no to this vaccine? It’s all too much too soon if you ask me! I keep thinking about the what ifs, and referring to my previous blog regarding the release of this vaccine, it just all seems to rushed. From what I can see, there are companies and airlines jumping on the no vaccine, no fly, no travel way too quickly. When the public haven’t even been given the basic information about what it is, other than it can prevent you catching covd. If this is the case and we all get the vaccine, then does that mean the expensive airport testing and quarantine will be over and done with, or will they still be in place. What happens if you are the 5% that it isnt effective on, what happens to you then? Are you not allowed to travel indefinitely, will they find something to work for those individuals. So many questions and what ifs. We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic, and anything you may have heard or seen on the grape vine about what other companies are doing to jump on the band wagon at
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